What is a LAMP

So if you are looking at creating a new website you may have encountered the term LAMP and wonder why do I want a LAMP. What is a LAMP?php-mysql

A LAMP server is a server that is running a bundle of software that works together to create a dynamic and flexible web hosting environment.  LAMP stands for Linux Apache MySql and Php.

Linux is an open source and a free operating system similar to how Windows is an operating system.   Linux, however, was derived from the UNIX operating system. Linux runs a vast number of websites on the internet today and is very stable and reliable.

Apache an open source free web server service that runs on Linux (it also can run on Windows as well).  The Apache software sends the web page formatted in HyperText Markup Language (HTML) to the browser over the HyperText Transport Protocol (HTTP).

MySQL is an open source and free SQL database.  It has a lot of the features of expensive commercial products.  It is used to store data for dynamic pages and can store other information

Php is an open source and free programming language that allows developers to bring everything together.  Php can ask MySql for data and then create HTML, that Apache sends to the web browser using the Linux OS networking stack.

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