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Good website design can be the difference between converting a website visitor into a customer or having that visitor hit the back button to find your competition.

What is a good website design?

Web design is more than just how your website looks; it’s also about how it works. Before we start the website development phase of a project. We have to decide where things will be placed on the page, what they will look like, and how all of this content will affect your visitor’s experience on your site.
Good website design makes navigating your website an enjoyable experience, by making it easy to find the information they are looking for while introducing your visitors to your unique brand. Several factors must be considered in the website design process. Does your website live up to its potential?

Speed of website

The very first thing your visitors will notice when they visit your site is how quickly it loads. If it takes too long, they will hit the back button before it even finishes, so website speed is a huge consideration when designing a website. There are many considerations in the website design and website development phase of the project that can make your visitors experience speedy one.

Ease of navigation

Having a fast website is not enough if you are not making it easy for your visitors to find the information they are looking for. A well-designed home page is a portal into the rest of your site, in the same way, a table of contents makes it easy for someone to find what they are looking for in a book.

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