Clickminded SEO Course

I recently completed a great training about how to do SEO.  ClickMinded is a search engine optimization course that’s been developed for people with little to no experience in internet marketing, however even those familiar with SEO will find a significant amount of information useful.   The content touches on all the basic information you will need to create and run an SEO campaign.

The subjects covered in the class are:

  • Keyword Strategy  – How to plan the best keywords for your marketing
  • On-Page Optimization – How to optimize the content on your page for SEO
  • Off-Page Optimization – How to build links to your content
  • Technical Optimization – Misc stuff to optimize your site even more
  • Competitive Analysis – How to look at the competition
  • Start SEO Audit Session – Recording of an SEO Consultation for a start-up company
  • Algorithm Updates – Updates on the various version of Google and what is different about them
  • Local & International SEO – How to do SEO for Local and International Sites
  • New Site SEO Tutorial – Walkthrough how to do SEO for a new site.

The instructor Tommy Griffith does a great job explaining most of the details of SEO and has a very laid back style.   The class is online and can be viewed at your own pace, sections can be skipped or viewed again.   If you really want to understand SEO this is a great place to start.

They even give you a nifty certificate of completion

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