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Broken Website, Image of Broken Website

Is your website broken?  Does it look like something from Frontpage in 1999?

We can help design a new page for your business using WordPress or another Content Management system.  We can give your site a modern look and feel, develop a marketing plan and make sure your website is working hard to inform your customers about your business 24 hours a day.

We can also fix a broken site if that is what you want.  Sites that were customized a few years ago may have used the older version of PHP.   PHP has had many security holes fixed in the last few years and most hosting companies don’t allow you to run an older version.  Unfortunately, the new version of PHP may no longer support the code from your old website.  The code for these older sites can be modified and made to work with the latest version of PHP.  This will improve the security of your page and restore it back to its original working state.

Has your site been hacked? We may be able to recover some data and build a new page.  As with any valuable data we recommend that you back up the content from your web page periodically and not rely on the Hosting company to keep your data safe. We can put in place a plan to backup your data so you will have it in case of an emergency.

Contact the Website Specialist at Blazedog Web Design for help with developing a new strategy for your website.





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